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Traffic Offences & Licence Applications

If your licence is important to you, we are the people to see. Whether you have been charged with a high speed offence or a drink driving offence, you need to understand your rights and obligations to keep your licence.

How we can help:

  1. Negotiation and mediation of traffic offences including high speed suspension

  2. Application for a work licence on a charge of drink driving

  3. Application for a special hardship order on demerit point suspensions, high speed suspensions or appeals on good behaviour licences

  4. Appearance at finalisation of matters before the Magistrates Court

  5. Appearance at a contested summary hearing before the Magistrates Court

Applications for licences are specialised requiring the development of affidavits (sworn evidence in paper form) addressing key criteria under the legislation. If you fail to address the key criteria your application will fail and you will not get your restricted licence.

Maximise your chance of a restricted licence and call our office today.

Examples of the types of matters we deal with:

Traffic Offences

  • Drive without due care and attention

  • Drive over general but under high alcohol limit (work licence available)

  • Demerit point suspension

  • Drive under the influence

  • Drive vessel over general but under high alcohol limit (work licence available)


  • Work licence application

  • Special hardship application

  • Appeal against disqualification